How to Fix Mesh Turning Black Issue in UE4 – Geometry Brush Converted to Static Mesh Turns Black After Building Lighting

So you add a Geometry Brush to your Level, then convert it to a Static Mesh using the “Create Static Mesh” button under the Brush Settings category. But when you rebuild the lighting, the Actor turns completely black!

Mesh That Has Turned Black
This Static Mesh, which was converted from a Geometry Brush, turned black after rebuilding the lighting

So what happened? Well, Meshes have a property that Brushes don’t have called a Light Map. So when you convert from a Brush to a Mesh, the new Mesh doesn’t know what settings to use for its Light Map.

How to Fix

So how can you fix this? Luckily, the solution is easy. First, find the Static Mesh in the Content Browser, then double-click on it to open it in the Static Mesh Editor. Then go to the Static Mesh Settings category in the Details Panel. Change the Light Map Resolution to 512. Expand the category and set Light Map Coordinate Index to 1.

How to Fix Mesh Turning Black Issue
You can fix the issue by changing some of the Mesh’s properties in the Static Mesh Editor

Now save the Static Mesh and go back to the Level Editor. The Mesh will now look normal, even when you rebuild the lighting!